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Whistleblower Law Super Lawyers rated attorneys

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Whistleblower Law

Is your employer involved in any fraudulent/illegal activity against the government?

Do you fear retaliation if you speak up?

Are you a former employee of a company and have knowledge of illegal business activities?

Find help with Super Lawyers.

Whistleblower attorneys assist individuals who disclose information about an individual or company engaged in illegal business activities.

This includes receiving false claims paid by the government, committing tax fraud, or violating securities laws.

Whistleblower lawyers are well versed with the False Claims Act and might practice under the title “Qui-Tam Lawyer". A whistleblower attorney can help protect whistleblowers from employer retaliation, work with the federal agency investigating illegal activity, and ensure whistleblowers receive an appropriate reward.

Use Super Lawyers to hire a local whistleblower attorney to assist with your case.

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