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Wage & Hour Laws Law

Federal and state wage and hour laws establish the amount of hours an employee can work per day and what the rate of pay is for overtime or working on weekends or holidays.

They also address training and youth wages, employee classifications, tips as part of wages, wages paid in goods, and a host of other related topics.

If you’re working overtime and not getting paid, or you believe you’re employee type is misclassified, not receiving timely paychecks, or you’re being deprived of certain benefits, you’ll find help with Super Lawyers.

Super Lawyers offers a free, comprehensive directory of attorneys who specialize in wage and hour laws, and who are also noted for their professional achievements.

  Attorneys who specialize in wage and hour laws help employees get the proper classification, the compensation, and treatment they deserve under the law.

 Employment classification, such as contractor versus full time regular, has implications for taxes, overtime pay, and benefits.

Wage and hour attorneys will ensure you’re classified accurately.

If you’re receiving irregular paychecks, don’t get enough breaks for rest or meals, your lawyer will rectify that too.

Use Super Lawyers to find a wage and hour law attorney to assist with your case.

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