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Trusts Law

Are you considering creating a trust?

Do you seek to avoid probate and to protect your estate for your beneficiaries?

Do you know what type of trust is right for your tax situation?

Do you want to dictate when your beneficiaries receive their inheritance?

A trust lawyer helps people with possessions to avoid the probate process in determining how assets are split up.

Having a properly structured trust can help reduce estate taxes and avoid surprises and squabbles between your loved ones.

There are living trusts, irrevocable trusts, special need trusts, among others, and a trust attorney can help in deciding which structure meets your needs.

Trusts can be drawn up to handle complex estates and address specific asset and beneficiary needs.

A trust lawyer can assist in drawing up a lasting document.

A trust lawyer can also serve as a trustee, or the person managing the trust, to ensure your wishes are met or create an impartial third party to oversee the trust.

A trust created by an trust lawyer should effectively manage your assets and safeguard your financial privacy in the event you pass away or become unable to manage your estate.

Use Super Lawyers to hire a trust lawyer in your area to help protect your estate and establish your legal trust.

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