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Toxic Torts Law Super Lawyers rated attorneys

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Toxic Torts Law

Were you exposed to damaging chemicals while working?

Was there an accident or spill near you that you feel could be causing you health problems?

If you've been exposed to a dangerous substance that's caused injuries, find help with Super Lawyers. Toxic torts attorneys handle cases dealing with personal injuries caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or materials. This can include asbestos, pesticides, industrial products, or pharmaceutical drugs. An attorney representing a plaintiff must show causation: the toxic substance in question caused the injury rather than another product or material.

Additionally, the plaintiff may also need to show that the consequences of the toxic material was not known prior to its use. Often toxic torts cases are heavily grounded in science and government regulation compliance. Having a specialized toxic torts lawyer is therefore imperative.

Use Super Lawyers to hire a toxic torts attorney to assist with your case.

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