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Toxic Mold Law Super Lawyers rated attorneys

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Toxic Mold Law

Does your home have mold that you fear could cause health problems for your family and you want to know if you have a case?

Are you a business owner forced to deal with a toxic mold remediation issue and believe it could have resulted from faulty construction?

Molds can develop in homes or other buildings generally when there is water leakage or other excess moisture, sometimes as the result of leaking pipes, flooding or sewer line backups, or other water intrusions. This moisture can lead to the development of molds or fungus that not only can cause property damage, but also toxic air that can lead to health problems in people.

Repair or remediation of property damaged by mold can be expensive. Apartment tenants, homeowners, and others frequently exposed to a toxic mold environment in a building can sue for health or property damages caused by the toxic mold.

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