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Surety Law Super Lawyers rated attorneys

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Surety Law

Do you need help forming the surety in your business negotiation?

Are you forming a contract or settling a dispute where a surety is involved?

Find help with Super Lawyers.

Surety attorneys specialize in construction and development situations that involve a financial guarantee issued by a contractor through a third party that a contract will be fulfilled.

These guarantees are often given in the form of bonds.

Such attorneys may handle aspects of bidding and the development of a client’s contract structure.

Another aspect of surety law is the navigation of non-litigious disputes about the legal and financial responsibility implied in a construction or development contract.

Such disputes usually occur if there is a construction failure or if a project owner believes they have cause to refuse payment to a contractor.

Attorneys in this practice area may also deal with other transactional construction issues such as licensing and liability insurance.

Use Super Lawyers to hire a local surety lawyer to help negotiate your disputes, contracts, or surety creation.

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