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International Law Super Lawyers rated attorneys

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International Law

Do you need help understanding international laws and how they pertain to you or your business?

Are you looking for someone to help you obtain a license or create a contract in another country?

Are you looking for someone to represent you in an international litigation matter?

Find help with Super Lawyers.

International attorneys handle legal work involving international laws.

This includes international trade regulations and agreements, international transportation laws, international criminal court laws, and sanctions.

Legal activity in this practice ranges from litigating in international courts to arbitrating business and civil disputes, crafting government and civil contracts, and obtaining international licenses.

In the course of their work, attorneys may deal with institutions such as the United States International Trade Administration and its equivalent in other countries, regional-specific trade organizations, judicial systems in other countries, or international courts.

Use Super Lawyers to find a local international lawyer to address all your questions and concerns.

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