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Ethics & Professional Responsibility Super Lawyers in Maryland

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Ethics & Professional Responsibility Law

Are you an attorney and have had a malpractice claim against you or need representation with respect to a disciplinary matter?

Did you hire a lawyer or other professional who you think may have committed malpractice with your case or situation?

The laws and codes of conduct governing lawyers, the lawyer profession, as well as other licensed professionals, have increased both in terms of scope and complexity.

Legal ethics is generally defined as a code of conduct establishing rules of professional behavior, setting out obligations professionals must adhere to towards their clients and the society at large.

Failure on the part of professionals to live up to the standards provided by these rules can sometimes bring harm to clients where they would need to seek help from other professionals that are knowledgeable and have experience with the codes, laws and procedures for seeking any redress.

Use Super Lawyers to hire an ethics and professional responsibility law lawyer to help with your issues and disputes.

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