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DUI-DWI frequently asked questions

It’s strongly recommended that you consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer if you’ve been charged with a DUI. DUI defense is complex, and the consequences of a conviction are severe. An experienced DUI attorney will know your state’s DUI laws and defenses, local court procedures and deadlines, and how to negotiate plea deals. You don’t want to risk your legal defense by doing it alone. Have an attorney’s guidance and legal advice at every step of the way.  

A DUI attorney will give legal advice tailored to your situation and handle all aspects of your criminal case, from gathering evidence to negotiating with prosecutors or going to trial. An attorney will help you navigate a DUI’s consequences, such as suspension of your driver’s license and informing your employer. A DUI lawyer’s goal is to help you mitigate the consequences of a DUI as much as possible.

Try to get a DUI attorney as soon as possible following a DUI arrest. The earlier you involve a DUI attorney in the process, the quicker they can get to work on your behalf. Your Miranda rights entitle you to an attorney, and attorneys often advise individuals arrested on a DUI not to speak with law enforcement without an attorney present to avoid incriminating statements. 

It’s impossible to give a specific dollar amount since lawyers use different rates and billing methods, including flat fees and hourly rates. With flat fees, you pay a one-time fee; with hourly, you pay for each hour a lawyer works on your case. But here are some factors that determine attorney’s fees: How many years of experience the lawyer has, the size and geographic location of their law firm, and how complex your case is. Ask an attorney about their fees upfront.

DUIs are either misdemeanor or felony offenses. The factors that determine the severity of a DUI vary by state law. If convicted, a DUI will stay on your record indefinitely unless you take action to expunge or seal it.  

The requirements to expunge a DUI vary by state law. Many states don’t allow expungement, while some do in specific circumstances, such as after a waiting period, through pardon, or if you’ve completed a rehab program. Some states that don’t allow expungement will let you seal your record, which can only be revealed through a court order. To learn your options, consult a criminal defense attorney who knows your state’s expungement laws. 

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