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Top Rated Divorce Attorney in Harlingen, TX : Lisa Lynne Taylor

Lisa Lynne Taylor

Top Rated Divorce Lawyer
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Harlingen, TX
Lisa Lynne Taylor is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in the Harlingen area.

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Should I get a divorce?

There are many aspects to think about prior to getting a divorce. Since divorce dissolves a marriage, you’ll need to consider how you and your spouse intend to divide up your joint assets (property division), child custody arrangement (if you have kids), and potential spousal support (alimony).

How to file for divorce?

Which is better: legal separation or divorce?

In legal separation a couple lives apart but is still legally married. Like in divorce, with legal separation, you’ll need to negotiate property division, child custody, child support issues, and spousal support. There are personal and financial benefits to consider when determining which route is right for you.

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