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Aviation & Aerospace Law Super Lawyers rated attorneys

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Aviation & Aerospace Law

Do you have a legal dispute that relates to air travel?

Whether you are an individual consumer, a large or small airline, or an employee of an airline, if your legal issue relates to air travel, an attorney in this specialty practice can provide you with the expertise you're looking for.

Find one with Super Lawyers.

Aviation and aerospace attorneys focus on laws and cases specific to air travel.

Relevant agencies include the Federal Aviation Administration and International regulatory bodies.

Within this practice area, attorneys often specialize in representing either airline businesses or consumers of air travel services.

Depending on an attorney’s focus, their practice may constitute a niche practice of personal injury, employment law, business law, or international law.

Use Super Lawyers to find and hire a local aviation and aerospace attorney who specializes in handling the issue you're facing with the air travel industry.

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