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Alternative Dispute Resolution Law

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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) lawyers bring expertise in seeking out of court resolutions to legal issues.

Alternative dispute resolution can save significant time and money for parties by avoiding litigation and backlogged court schedules.

Alternative dispute resolution includes mediation, arbitration, and other specialized types of out of court process specific to particular legal issues.

ADR is discussed in the context of family law and seeking settlements outside of court based rulings for child custody, child support, and property division.

An ADR lawyer can help decide whether an alternative dispute resolution process makes sense for your case while still seeking to protect your legal interests.

Unlike mediation, where parties negotiate settlements or resolutions, arbitration lawyers are typically appointed as arbiter to the case and has the final say in the resolution after hearing from the adversarial parties.

In arbitration cases, it is important to distinguish between binding arbitration and non-binding arbitration, where the parties retain their ability to seek a trial solution.

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